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Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide a full English version of our website. For a short summary about us and our work, see below.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

However, we do publish the international E-Journal “Ethics and Armed Forces” in English which you can fully access on For more information see our press release.

zebis - Centre of Ethical Education in the Armed Forces

zebis is Winner of the European Award "Military Ethics" 2014

Soldiers and military leaders are confronted with new challenges in the 21st century. Asymmetric warfare, armed drones, cyberwar and robotization are raising more and more questions for the armed forces and society.

We help addressing those questions: In cooperation with the German Bundeswehr, zebis strengthens the ethical competence in the armed forces and supports the public and academic discourse about security policy and military ethics. Further, we execute and develop ethical training for military leaders. For military chaplains, we provide access to a rich database of didactic material.

Several times a year, we host international workshops, conferences and panel discussions to create and nurture debates about recent topics in military ethics and security policy such as “targeted killings”, “armed drones” or “private military companies”.  

Our e-journal “Ethics and Armed Forces” provides a platform for this debate and is issued in English and German. It is openly accessible on

The cooperation with renowned partners such as the “Institute for Theology and Peace” (ithf) or the Maximilian-Kolbe-Stiftung enables us to enhance our possibilities. E.g., since 2012, zebis and the Maximilian-Kolbe-Stiftung offer an International Workshop for general staff officers on dealing with the past of Auschwitz.

The zebis is a Hamburg-based institution of the Catholic Military Bishop for the German Bundeswehr.